Friday, January 22, 2010

FUN-niture: Co_Create with Ricardo Deocareza


Artist: Ricardo Deocareza

Artist's comments:

At first sight, I was really impressed with the shape and the color of the Revolt chair. The first thing that crossed my mind was to create a black and white artwork, a graphic type (silhouette) of painting with just black color the gives contrast to the pearl white color of the chair. Next, I thought of painting something that embraces or symbolizes Dubai and it's culture, so, I came up with the artwork you see here.

The backrest represents the developments and progressions of the city; We know the fact that right now the tallest building in the world is in Dubai. The seat represents the local people.

Since I am having fun living in Dubai, I call my creation the FUN-niture...

I would like to thank Ahrend for giving us the opportunity to unleash our creativity...looking forward to the next event.

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