Monday, January 18, 2010

Delivery of your artworks

We are pleased to announce that we have commenced the delivery of your Revolt artworks, co_created during the Ahrend’s “Unleash the Creative Monster” event last December.

So far Maja and Milena have received their chairs and you will be receiving yours too in the coming days.

There are 40 chairs to be delivered and I am personally putting them in my car that has limited storage capacity. As I will be delivering 1 chair a day it will take me 40 working days to finish the job so I thank you for your patience.

You might be interested (as we are) to know about the concepts behind the artworks people created that night. That is why we have started this blog. In the coming days this blog will be updated with interesting stories and once a new post has been published, we will let you know.

Finally we are planning the second edition of the “Unleash the Creative Monster “event that we will announce here. Therefore please visit this blog from time to time.

On behalf of the Ahrend team,

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